Things To Do In Tucson AZ


    When you think about Tucson AZ, desert comes to mind. What you might not know is that there are unique and amazing things to do in Tucson AZ that you might not find elsewhere. This article will share with you the top things to do in Tucson AZ.

  • Pay The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum A Visit 

When you visit Tucson Arizona you need to put the desert museum on your list  because this is one of the most popular attractions in the area. So, the first thing to do when you are in Tucson AZ is to explore 

The museum has a botanical garden, natural history museum, and a zoo. And it’s one of the rare gems in the desert southwest. 

It displays a showcase of living plants and animals native to the desert. 

The museum also features other endangered species such as thick-billed parrot, Mexican wolf, margay, ocelot, desert pupfish, jaguarundi, ponytail chub, Sonora chub, Gila topminnow, and razorback sucker. 

And as you walk through the museum, you’ll see busy, colourful hummingbirds buzzing around.

  • Enjoy A Scenic Drive on Mount Lemmon 

Mount Lemmon is the place to be for a relaxing scenic adventure.The byway is almost 60 miles round trip. The nearly 60-mile round-trip byway offers visitors a wide biological diversity from the deserts of Mexico to a forest region. The road begins in the lower Sonoran vegetative life zone and ascends to high forests with spectacular views.