Bird Watching Sierra Vista AZ

Where to go? 

All you have to do is look up and you will see big birds of prey souring.  If you’re up for some adventure then try Miller Canyon A popular public bird feeding station is at Beatty’s Guest Ranch in Miller Canyon, where a U.S. record for hummingbird species sighted in one day was set (14 species). 

Looking for night hunters? Hit the trails or wait patiently by the water. Hwy 92 East, 9 miles south to Miller Canyon Road; turn right (west) onto Miller Canyon Road. Find Beatty’s Miller Canyon Guest Ranch 3 miles on Miller Canyon Road.  Carr Canyon At 7,200 feet, the cooler temperatures in Carr Canyon make it a terrific place to spot birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. 

Hwy 92 East, 7 miles south to Carr Canyon Road; turn right (west) onto Carr Canyon Road. Nature Conservancy’s Ramsey Canyon Preserve You won’t want to miss this 280-acre National Natural Landmark bestowed to The Nature Conservancy in 1975. The canyon’s unique interplay of geology, biology, topography, and climate make it a haven for over 170 varieties of birds, including 14 species of hummingbirds. 

The preserve is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Thursday through Monday

Sierra Vista and nearby canyons are migratory corridors and critical nesting habitat for myriad species of birds, from hummingbirds to waterfowl, raptors to songbirds. The sky islands create five distinct life zones — and a magnet for birds from Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains, the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts, and beyond. 

The protected riparian areas, forested mountain sides, and vast basins are spectacular all year long. If you’re seeking hummingbirds, Sierra Vista plays host to 15 of the 26 species that have been reported north of Mexico. Known as the “hummingbird capital of the United States,” 

Sierra Vista hosts these tiny acrobats from spring through fall, although a few species are year round residents. 

By the way make sure you bring your binoculars and camera